Hi Everyone,
(Dictated by Corey to Marie)

C – This is Corey. The evaluation went fine. Thank you for all your prayers. Nervous Nelly stayed away from me today. I was only Confident Corey.

C – Today I did great! I walked a lot with Natalie.

M – Corey’s evaluation was “on land”. She walked over 300’ throughout the first floor halls of Bryn Mawr. She climbed up and down a flight of stairs; facing forward! She also completed all her matte work including attempting to roll over and sit up independently. She was unable to complete that task but she’s getting closer!

C – The walker is so much fun. Do not listen to what other people say about walkers. I promise they are fun. I like walking with the walker because I can hold my weight and walk all by myself. It feels really good to walk again. I have to practice really hard because I want to walk on the beach. Personally I don’t think I am far away from that. I hate that I have to practice because I know I will be able to do it.

C – Tonight I cooked a new dinner.
M – We made Ratatouille.
C – It was super yummy! It feels good to cook because I am finally doing it again. I love cooking because the more I learn to cook the better the food will be that I will eat. Don’t you agree?

C- I missed cooking. I am happy that I am capable to do it now. It makes me happy. I am willing to practice cooking because I want to go to culinary college. Without practice I will not be able to go. Cooking is more fun than doing other things.

C – I am very happy that I am living. I hope you all are doing what you want to do with your life, xoxo