Hi Everyone, we didn’t write to you last night because we were busy preparing for our next big appointment. Tomorrow we head to Harrisburg. We are hoping to carry the BIA message advocating not only for ourselves but for the thousands of families who haven’t found their voice yet.

This is Corey,
I’m going to tell the Senators how hard getting better is but you can not give up. Basically my life goal is to get better. I can not do this by myself. I need someone to hold onto me because I can not walk alone. If I did not have help I would be a lump of love. It makes me a little bit sad when families don’t get help because everyone should get help so they can get better like me. People can not be in a lottery. Everyone can get far if they can try.

Corey’s last two sentences are quite profound. She has no short term memory and yet she remembers hearing a mother’s call to the BIA-Resource line. The caller was asking for resources for her son. She mentioned on the call that her son’s Neurologist diminished their trauma to the following analogy; “‘Mrs. X, think of it this way, you played the lottery and lost”.
How can a person be denied the opportunity to try to recover? Why is this decision predicated on finances? Imagine if We allowed Corey to quit or took NO from someone that wouldn’t say YES!

We will be representing all families that deserve the right to try, xoxo