Hi everyone!

Wondering where I’ve been? Since Halloween (what month is it?) I’ve been trapped, held against my will and forced to make candy and sandwiches for my community. It would have been illegal, if they weren’t paying me, but lets not get bogged down with details. I’ve hijacked the Carepage tonight to celebrate Corey’s half birthday. Okay, so I’m late. You try typing when your fingers are covered in chocolate before you’re so quick to judge.

Tonight we’re announcing the third annual Laughter is the Best Medicine. This year we’ve chosen to celebrate on Corey’s 21st birthday weekend.

SAVE THE DATE: October 12, 2013

For those of you who are out of town (living outside the US is not a valid excuse) I’ve drafted this list of 21 reasons to persuade you to come and celebrate Corey’s birthday!

1. All of your friends will be there.
2. There will be a group toast. And maybe a Marie roast?
3. It’s almost like going to church: It’s in a church, it’s good for your soul, there’s optional drinking …
4. There’s nothing good on TV that night.
5. We’ll introduce you to my new characters! Unless you’re a clinical psychiatrist. In that case I will preform fictitious characters that I’ve imagined and in no way have become part of our personality.
6. Another year at the Wawa has added new material. New jokes, new laughs, new venn diagrams.
7. Another year at the candy store has taught me everything I need to know about children and child raising. This means this year I will be discussing parenting techniques. So if you’re a new parent struggling with how to say “NO!” or perhaps a new grandparent wondering just how much candy it takes for a sugar induced coma, I will be offering helpful observational suggestions.
8. Recently moved home into your parents basement and struggling with the transition? You’re not alone! I can help! Tips, Techniques, and Strategies will be discussed to help you survive the psychological adjustment you’re going through.
9. There will be snacks. If you bring them.
10. Having a hard time judging when the moment is right to bring up stories of your cat? No problem! I’ll be talking about my cat all night! Pictures from his last photo shoot will be presented! (I AM a photographer, it’s not weird)

If you want to know the next 11 reasons SAVE THE DATE:
October 12th, 2013

BE THERE! or one of my personalities will come and find you.
I mean “characters”…
…still not weird….WE will see you there!
Caitlin xoxo