Hi Everyone,

We didn’t disappear; we just jumped off the grid for a few days!

Corey is adding a new twist to Bryn Mawr’s OT program. She introduced them to cooking therapy. We prepared Lasagna Cupcakes, Caprese Salad and Parmesan bread Wednesday night. Thursday morning we used the therapy kitchen to finish the dishes and cooked lunch for our therapy team. Corey’s cooking was a hit with everyone that was invited to lunch and they’ve decided to go to the administration to submit the reasons why we need to incorporate this luncheon as an active therapy tool!

She has been practicing with the sample wheelchair at Bryn Mawr. I was pleasantly surprised at her accuracy in steering the chair. I didn’t push her through the hospital once all day. She even maneuvered entering and exiting the elevators by her self! I think we’ll call her Danica Flintstone!

Tomorrow begins a new week of opportunities and possibilities. We were discussing this week’s plans at dinner when Aunt Diane sent a quote that reminded her of Corey ~ ‘you’ve only got three choices in life: Give up, give in, or give it all you’ve got’. Corey’s response was, “the first 2 don’t qualify for me”!

Our dinner discussion revolved around this concept. We are so fortunate that she continues to get stronger. Perhaps our perspective throughout this journey was naïve? We never thought whether or not Corey could get better, we assumed she would…it was just a matter of time. We kept a blind eye and a deaf ear to the statistical facts that would alter that assumption. Perspective is everything regardless of the challenge. It’s our decision to choose to avoid the opportunities and possibilities by reciting excuses or we can choose to do whatever it takes to live the life we continue to dream about.

It’s not a question of can we do this; it’s about doing it…and giving it all we’ve got! xoxo