Hi Everyone,

We hope you had a relaxing weekend. Aunt Diane came to visit us for her Birthday weekend. Corey, Diane and I have so much fun together. There is always at least one episode of uncontrollable laughter.

We did a little shopping, we went out to dinner (check out the gallery) and took Diane for a countryside drive to see parts of “Pennsyl-tukey” she’s never seen.

After Corey and I returned home from driving Diane to the train station, we spent some time outside enjoying the spring night. Corey and I walked along the deck and ramp towards the driveway. When we don’t use the walker, I position my body facing Corey’s right, supporting her upper torso as I side step with each forward step she takes.

Tonight, I truly walked beside her. We both faced forward and she stepped heel/toe walking in unison with me. This is a first. We are planning to practice walking on the grass with the hope it will develop her leg strength to walk on the beach this summer!

We also tried a childhood favorite tonight ~ blowing bubbles. Corey held the bubble container with her left hand, dipped the bubble wand with her right and blew through the wand to create a stream of bubbles. You may think this simple little task is easy; however, her coordination and breath control is monumental!

This is Corey;
I liked blowing bubbles because it makes me happy.
It reminds me of when I was little.
I have happy memories of summer.
Going to the beach
swinging on the swings
playing basketball to beat Jonathan
riding bikes
babysitting Connor
playing baseball and softball
having sleepovers with my neighbor Allison
This summer I want to go to the beach
I want to walk on the sand and the boardwalk all by myself with no help because I finally can
I want to swim
This summer is going to be so much fun because I can finally do more

Who else is ready for summer? xoxo