Hi Everyone,

This is Corey
The most defined memory I have is of the past
I remember bits and pieces
It’s scary because I do not know what I will remember when
When I do remember things it makes me feel happy
I do not remember what happened today
Everyday feels like before I had traumatic brain injury
I do not understand what happened to me
I think life is scary
I hope my memory will change

I have to remember that eventually I will go to bed and then there will be a tomorrow
You have to get up and live another day because that will help you move on
Maybe one day I will be a chef
Maybe one day I will get married and have my own kids
Maybe one day I will wake up and there will be a little kid in my room waiting for me to help him
(M-who’s that little kid?)

No one thought I would be here today
I proved everyone wrong
No one knows what is going to happen
Every day I wake up its another day in my life that I have not lived before
I am going to do my best every day even though its scary

Have a good nights sleep
Happy dreams xoxo