Hi Everyone,

We have lived in our neighborhood for 22 years. It’s a small development that was quickly filled with many children. Our home is positioned in the center of the neighborhood. Although the girls had a big brother, the house behind us provided them with their childhood best friend and “sister”, Allison. JohnPaul may have had two sisters but when our neighbors across the street moved in, he met his 3 adopted brothers. Despite the 30 children that initially moved in, these 7 were inseparable!

On warm sunny days they lived outside riding bikes and playing in the creek. The cold months always included sledding on Schnelly’s hill. On rainy days they were either in the basement cutting and sewing my fabric scraps for GI Joe parachutes, army tents or sleeping bags. The girls made pillows for their dolls. Corey was the youngest and not allowed to use a needle and thread, so she used a stapler for her creations. Another rainy day favorite was playing in the garage; each one had a glue gun and a box of 1,000 Popsicle sticks to share. The boys played with the little green army guys, the girls played Barbie’s and bitty babies. There were football games, softball games, basketball, night tag and countless sleep over’s.

They were the neighborhoods first generation. As they grew, moved on to college and began to live their lives, somehow they managed to keep in touch. Ironically yesterday Allison and Billy, the oldest of the brothers, were married on the same day! JohnPaul joined “his brothers” as one of Billy’s best men and Caitlin was Allison’s photographer…Corey stayed home with our nurse as I ran from one wedding to the other!

This weekend Corey has also demonstrated how life moves forward. The most recent change I’ve seen in her moments of clarity has been frequently initiating conversations with ‘thought starter’ questions.

Her presentation in questioning has changed as well;
C – Mom, I have 2 questions…first of all (and she states her Q) and second of all…
Once I recovered from the shock of how she executed her questions, I realized I didn’t hear her clearly and asked that she repeat it just to prove she in fact demonstrated a higher level of cognitive thinking.

Her sense of humor continues to develop as she communicates more fluently as well. This morning I was helping her get dressed for the day. I knelt in front of her (moving quite slowly; my knees and legs were not awake yet ~ so I told myself)
C-mom, are you okay?
M-yeah, I’m fine
C-do you need a massage?
Verbalizing my confession; No, I need a younger body!
Corey looked pensive; ‘I can’t help you with the younger body part but if I were you, I wouldn’t pass up a massage’.

Corey’s physical strides have been nothing short of miraculous but her recent moments of clarity have been startling as well as encouraging. There have been many incremental changes. I’m very thankful for more signs of healing, growth and forward momentum.

The saying is true; life keeps moving. Our kids grow up, move away, find their way and if we’re lucky; circle back to invite us to join them on the new path they’ve designed for the next part of this crazy ride! If it feels like time stands still, this weekend proves it most definitely does not! Just wish I didn’t blink so often, xoxo