Happy Mother’s Day,

Last night Caitlin took the night shift. We switched this morning at 6am. After morning meds Corey and I fell back to sleep as she was miss party pants keeping Caitlin company between 1-4am. We slept in until 10am! Corey’s usual morning questions begin with what are we doing today?

M-it’s Mother’s Day, we are going to hang out all day and do nothing!
Corey’s eyes widened and she gave me a big smile; “aren’t you glad we slept together so you could wake up with your daughter”? (I laughed out loud)
C-do you need a present?

She did indeed give me a present. She didn’t remember it; I actually found it in her backpack tonight as I was preparing for our day at Bryn Mawr tomorrow. I don’t know which therapist helped her but she created a homemade card.

Picture a purple construction paper folded in half. On the outside in Corey’s handwriting “I” (the symbol for a heart) next to “mom” (just above another heart symbol) “Corey” ~ I love mom, love Corey

Flipping the card open unveiled a typed note. It was centered in a heart shaped cut out, taped to the inside of the card, surrounded by small drawings of butterflies and flowers.

The card read;
My mom, Marie, is the best mother in the whole world
She is able to do anything that will make me, JohnPaul and Caitlin happy
She is nice, she always says kind things, she is always upbeat
My favorite thing to do is hang out with her because she is fun and smart
I know everyone enjoys being around their mom but mine is special and different

Thanks for my present Corey, xoxo