Hi Everyone,

We had a relaxing weekend that closed with a WIN…a Phillie’s win! Our friends the Sifer’s invited us to an afternoon game today. Corey was very excited. She asked me to get on the internet; “I haven’t been watching. I have to see what the boys are doing”.

Corey was a huge Phillie’s fan. She knew all their stats and the stats for most of the teams in both the American and National Leagues. She used to compare pitchers, infielders, outfielders, predict the World Series contenders all while I would nod my head amazed that the girl who hated math could talk baseball statistics!

When we would watch the games and if the Phillie’s were losing she’d tell me, “Mom, don’t worry; you don’t give up on them because they always pull it out in the bottom of the 9th”.

She knows her boys! As usual, the Fightin’ Phils don’t give up (they’re truly Corey’s team). It was bottom of the 9th, they were down 2-1 with 2 outs and they scored 2 Home Runs!

We were thrilled to see the boys win but it was more exciting to watch Corey clap for her team with both hands! She lifted her left elbow raising her arm, palm down, using her right hand palm up to clap with her left. Then she’d switch her right hand to clap on the top of her left hand.

Clapping wasn’t her only achievement today. Last year Corey sat in her wheelchair, tucked just inside the entrance of the box away from the crowd. She lasted about 5 innings before we had to leave. This year, she walked into the box and sat next to her brother in one of the stadium seats for the entire game. (Check out the gallery)

The rest of the fans were celebrating the win but the true victory was watching this beautiful young woman smiling, cheering and living in the moment!
HOME RUN indeed, xoxo