Hi Everyone,

We managed to get a few hours sleep last night but climbed back into the ring this morning. I had to break the circuit at one point, stepping out of Corey’s room into the hallway. As she screamed for me I stood against the wall, closed my eyes, and allowed every negative, hurtful thought I have ever felt to internally rant at what we are living but will never openly verbalize. My silent screams drowned out Corey’s tantrum just long enough for me to regroup. She settled herself down and I took deep breaths releasing the tightness in my chest. After a few minutes, we were ready for another round.

Perspective and Distraction; two of my sparring tricks (she never see’s them coming).

It was time to get dressed to start our day. Rather than continue to answer her anxiety questions I kept changing the subject to what she’d wear, matching earrings and what her hairstyle would be for the day. That led to the observation that she is due for a new mani/pedi polish color and when all that failed ~ I talked about our memories of Dedema and Aunt Kay (that got her). In their honor, Corey picked out a polka dot top and pink zebra socks! (check out the gallery)

We had a follow-up appointment with Dr. Ruggiero. Dr. R performed the tendon lengthening surgery a year ago. He hasn’t seen Corey in 6 months. He and his staff were amazed at her ability to walk. He is concerned, however, that her left foot is tightening and dropped a few degree’s from where it should be as well as the new discovery that we are now having issues with her right foot (another punch from yesterday).

Part of the issue is her weight gain and my diminishing strength to hold her as we walk. The walker helps but is difficult to maneuver in the house. In addition, with the last few weeks of doctor appointments and the DC trip, we only stretched 3 days not 7; proving once again daily walking and stretching is critical to long term recovery.

Corey will begin to wear the Ultraflex boots again; dating back to her inpatient days immediately after the accident. They are dynamic positioning devices that provide a low load prolonged stretch. In layman’s terms, when worn they are locked to the degree that will force a stretch in the tendons. When released, she will have greater range of motion…we hope. Another concern is it may not be her body. It may be the brain overriding the body; sending the wrong signal for movement and/or causing the muscle to seize (contract) and not release. The brain is an amazing control center.

When Corey saw the boot and heard the wearing schedule, she was NOT happy. Unfortunately, I didn’t see her best punch coming (she got me).

Perspective and Distraction; we talked about her plans to walk on the boardwalk, go to the mall, walk on a college campus and stand at a stove. “How will you walk on the boardwalk if your toes are dragging on the boards”? She smiled briefly and added, “splinters are worse”!

She was almost dead ~ everything she does today is better than dead
She wasn’t moving her limbs ~ she’s not only kicking and punching she has great strength and aim.
She couldn’t speak ~ she can yell, scream and share her point of view

Most importantly, she hasn’t lost her sense of humor.

She was upset again tonight fretting over tomorrow’s schedule. I asked her to journal what ever was on her mind. She had a pen to paper and was very busy. When she was finished she called me to the table to show me her thoughts;

2 bathing suits
Flip Flops
Sun hat
Sun screen
Beach towels
Don’t forget the De-O for the BO (her reminder to pack deodorant)

Perspective and Distraction ~ Polka dots, Pink Zebra socks and a packing list guarantee’s a smile no matter how bad your day is! xoxo