Hi Everyone,

We were soooo close to a new first today!

Normally we see Natalie on Monday and Thursdays but with the holiday we had PT this afternoon instead. Natalie began with extensive matte work. Our home routine is good but doesn’t compare to Corey working with professionals like Jen and Natalie.

The ladies stretched for almost 30 minutes. Once Corey was warmed up, they began to walk with the Moses stick. Corey’s motion was very fluid and she doubled her land walking distance. Natalie wants to begin balancing exercises that will develop Corey’s ability to stand independently.

She and her assistant PT tech stood on either side of Corey. They positioned Corey’s feet hip width apart as she held the Moses stick for support with her right hand. (Corey’s left arm and hand remain her weakest limb)

Natalie and Lauren slowly tried to “let go”. Corey’s feet were firmly planted but her body slowly leaned to the left. Natalie caught her and helped her straighten her torso and then she’d list to the right towards Lauren. It reminded me of the scene in Mary Poppins when Dick Van Dyke was dancing with the penguins in his sidewalk chalk picture. I found myself elongating the vowel O out loud as she teetered to both sides. She was so close to standing on her own!

Corey, today you tried something new and you almost had it. Just like all your other accomplishments, you will surpass this new goal too! I found a new quote that is perfect for your first try today;

~ Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out. ~James Bryant Conant

…and there’s truth to the other famous saying…slow but steady wins the race. Keep looking at the finish line sweetie! Xoxo