Hi Everyone,

Another first! Corey has been independently typing on the Ipad for a little over a month. One of the fascinating yet challenging discoveries we are working through is Corey’s ability to read. She can now recognize the letters of the alphabet and find them on the keyboard. She could always spell and write a full sentence on paper but now types with amazing accuracy; however, she couldn’t read what she wrote.

Typically we sit beside her to read what she’s written and/or read the responses to the emails that are returned. She describes her inability to read as ‘all the words come together’. We’re not sure what that means for her but we’ve been working with font size as well as the positioning of the Ipad when she types.

Her glasses have improved her long distance vision but she still struggles with reading up close. She was physically 6” from the screen, concentrated for several minutes on what was written and for the first time read a sentence to me out loud.

She was typing the kids. The banter between them was comical. Corey was doing so well, I stepped away from the kitchen table to do the dishes leaving her to have a private conversation with the kids via IOS messaging through the Ipad (similar to texting). At one point Corey started laughing out loud. I walked over to see what was written. She was laughing at herself because she knew what she was going to write would make them laugh!

Here is a glimpse of their converstations;
(Corey-C and JohnPaul-JP)
C – Hi JohnPaul I can text from the Ipad now. who invented the internet. My props go to them…way to go…whoop whoop
JP – LOL go internet
C – woo hoo hooray for the internet

(Corey-C and Caitlin-KK ~ corey’s nickname for Caitlin when they were young)
C-guess what it’s me corey I bet you were not expecting a message from me
KK-Hi Corey! I wasn’t expecting you on mom’s phone! Carpet? Maybe (carpet is caitlin’s cat’s name)
C-I’m actually on the Ipad, maybe carpet is helping me but idk I do not even know where carpet is but we will give him the helping credit. How was work
C-actually no one knows where he is but I think he is asleep downstairs
C-but don’t worry we will find him
KK-Work was really busy. I think he said this morning he wanted to shampoo my rugs for me
C-well maybe that’s what he’s doing…who knows-ah (a Dedema saying)
KK-he’s a really helpful roommate
C-I think that a helpful roommate would be someone who has clothes
KK-No way! We have ½ the laundry

C-Caitlin…I feel like I am basically texting you which seems impossible but it’s not because we are both on the internet but I really hope to see you soon.
KK-you are totally texting me! It’s pretty fun we should do this more now that you can type by yourself so well! I’m stopping for duct tape and then heading home
C-woo hoo cannot wait to see you and the duct tape but mostly you
KK-Well thank you. I realize how much you like duct tape
C-Mann I thought it was a secret
C-Man o man how did you figure it out
(Caitlin arrived home. She was sitting at the kitchen island as Corey sat at the Kitchen table…the texting continued)
KK-You wore a shirt that said “I Love Duct Tape” it was pretty obvious
C-I had to think about that for a second but I do not own a shirt like that
KK-haha, I was kidding!
C-Caitlin…you might not realize it but you are right across the room from me…good place to sit..
KK-Corey. We could have secret conversations in front of mom

KK-I’m bored
C-well what do you plan on doing to not be bored any more
KK-I don’t know! What do you want to do?
C-I can do anything
KK-lets go bunny hunting
C-personally I am not bored
KK-Oh well excuseeeeee meeee
C-you are excused
KK-you have sassy pants
C-how did you know what kind I was wearing
KK-by the way, your toes smell (a joke between the girls since they were little)
C-how can you smell them all the way over there
KK-it’s either your toes or Roxie. We should open a window
C-I vote Roxie

KK-hey Corey
KK-Knock Knock
C-who’s there
KK-Poopface (another childhood inside joke…can you tell they shared a bedroom?)
C-I do not even know where I’m supposed to go with that
KK-you say “poopface who?”
C-yeah who is poopface

The best part of this story was listening to the giggles when each text was sent and received…this was one of my most favorite firsts so far! xoxo