Hi Everyone,

Corey’s standing at the kitchen table was certainly this weeks highlight. Ironically it was the result of arguing as to why she needs to go to Bryn Mawr. She was furious with me insisting she could stand and walk without anyone’s help. I asked her to show me and you saw the result…(you actually witnessed the 2nd try; after she stood the first time we made her sit down to do it again so we could tape it!)

I guess my boxing gloves have to stay on despite my plea to “Mickey” to get me out of this ring. I have been arguing with Blue Cross and Medicaid all week over nursing hours and more importantly the denial of Corey’s new wheelchair. The nursing hours and issues with home health care agencies are a piece of cake compared to proving medical necessity for a replacement chair. The fact that her original chair was meant for a person that was immobile and not a person that is advancing and 60 lbs larger is not reason enough to replace a chair that’s only 2 years old!

Fortunately, Corey’s doctor, Physical Therapist, our direct case manager at BC, his supervisor, and the director of the Medical Directors are now talking to each other as the result of 9 hours on the phone and several emails over two days to bring the conversation back to the table. Of course it’s Friday so now we wait…

I know many of you worry when we don’t post but some days there are no words left at the end of the day. Its hard to fight Corey and the system. Some days I have to rest between rounds so I can get back in the ring and face the next hit (Coreys punches are much worse).

I won’t back down because someday this woman is going to not only stand up but walk across the room and out the front door to begin living her life independently! It’s a matter of time ~ until then, I’m keeping my gloves on, xoxo