Be thankful for your frustrations, because they can solidly connect you to your passions. Be thankful for your frustrations, and let them motivate you to do something useful and positive.

Instead of obsessing over the frustrations, focus on the good things in your life that make those frustrations possible. Instead of letting the frustrations get you down, let them push you toward taking thoughtful, beneficial action.

Rather than resenting or fighting against the frustrations, feel them and learn from them. There is a reason why they have come to your awareness, so find the positive possibilities in that reason.

Many times, your frustrations can point you clearly and compellingly toward changes that will greatly benefit your life and your world. Often, your frustrations can help you to better understand what you truly care about.

Frustration is so much more than just an undesirable feeling. Frustration can be a valuable assistant in moving your life forward.

Instead of letting your frustrations get you down or make you angry, put them to work for you. Let those frustrations lead you to where you truly want to go. – Ralph Marston

Hi Everyone,
If someone asked me 5 years ago if I would want to go in the direction TBI has taken us, I’m quite sure I would have turned on my heel and run in the opposite direction. As with any life change, choosing our direction is never an option.

We are home, decompressing and reflecting on the sessions we attended and the new connections we’ve made through networking with other families and TBI professionals. It is difficult to find the words to describe what it’s like to spend time with other people that are passionate and dedicated to living their lives to the fullest despite their challenges.

Ralph Marston’s entry struck me tonight. It is the frustrations we’ve encountered and continue to face each day that drives us towards change. Accepting the day to day and learning from the obsticles, does in fact present new opportunities to change our lives and our world for the better. It’s irony in it’s purest state.

Frustrations can be maddening but if we are willing to follow the detour and keep our eyes, ears and heart open, we will discover the road we would not have chosen actually isn’t a detour at all, xoxo