Hi Everyone,

I am always pleasantly surprised when I receive my “God winks” to help us through our day.

Although Corey handled Monday beautifully, Tuesday was overwhelming for her. She did not attend any of the classes and the luncheon in the banquet room was very upsetting for her. I was thrilled to hear her describe what was bothering her; “the clinking is too loud and I hear people talking but I don’t know what anyone is saying”. There were about 400 people in the banquet hall. You can imagine the “white noise”. For someone that has traumatic brain injury, the background noise is as loud as the conversation at the table they are sitting at.

Everyday is very different. One day she can be very happy, transition from one activity to the next then in a blink something triggers her senses and she needs to isolate her self from her environment. We go with the flow minute by minute enjoying her social moments and protecting her when she’s overwhelmed. Last night Ralph Marston’s post about frustration reminded me that although there are still challenging days, they are NOT the same challenges we’ve already overcome!

Rest is typically the key to help Corey settle down. She slept well last night. Whenever we travel or participate in a large group event, we try to keep the following day quiet. Unfortunately, we both had some clinical appointments as well as blood work today. She definitely needed a “pick-me-up” so on the way home we tried a new first. We took Corey to her favorite Nail Salon and for the first time since her Junior Prom, she had a “professional” Mani/Pedi (not from Marie’s spa). The experience was particularly special because Corey walked up to and sat in the pedicure chair! (Check out the gallery)

Tonight we not only read all of your entries, we also read today’s motivational message. The subject was ‘New Joy’. Ralph Marston may have written the words, but the message was a WINK at us:

Joy does not come from the way life is. Joy comes from the way you choose to see, embrace and live life as it is.

Circumstances will change from moment to moment, from day to day. Yet whatever the circumstances may be, you will always have the possibility for joy and fulfillment.

Instead of holding on in vain to the fleeting realities in which you once experienced joy, put new joy into the reality that is now. Every new moment is a new opportunity for joy.

This reading inspired Corey too. She asked if she could write about her joy tonight ~

Hi Everyone,
This is Corey. Its summer and I am having fun. Every day life makes me happy. I love to wake up in the morning. I love picking out my outfit for the day. I love dinner. I love my shoes. I love getting on the computer to type my lists. I love texting my brother and sister.

Corey, this was great!
We all need to type our ‘Joy’ list! Thank you, xoxo