Hi Everyone,

We’ve had a dizzy few days…not because we’ve been running in circles trying to get back to our normal routine, Corey literally has been dizzy causing us concern.

We had a Vestibular test yesterday. The specialist that administered the test was the same person that saw her as an inpatient at Bryn Mawr in her 5th month of recovery. Needless to say, Linda was amazed at Corey’s progress 2.5 yrs later!

The impact Corey sustained at the time of the accident affected the entire Cerebral Coretex including each of the 4 lobes. Within the cerebral coretex is the cerebellum “little brain” which affects movement, posture and balance. As if this is not enough to understand, your vision and inner ear work rhythemically with the cerebellum.

For instance; when we are driving in the car, our brain understands we are moving forward; our balance is centered. As we move our eyes to scope the road or read a road sign, our brain, eyes and fluid within the inner ear adjusts to maintain that balance. If there is the slightest change in that union, we can feel car sick and/or experience veritigo. If we hit our head the fluid within our ear can form crystals that will never be reabsorbed; they just float in our inner ear. We may not feel the affects of the crystals until one day we are overcome with a random bout of vertigo.

When Corey lies down, stands up, bends over, or turns her head too quickly, she not only gets dizzy, her eyes flicker back and forth. Yesterdays exam, compared to her first study, shows continued damage but significant improvement as well. Our recent discovery of Corey’s ability to read road signs is testiment to that. I was under the impression that her new glasses contributed to her recent ability to recognize signs and her environment. In fact, it is the cerebellum, inner ear, vision as well as the Paritial, Occibital and Temporal Lobes forming new connections that substantiates her recent accomplishments!

Unforuntely, the test along with the crazy summer weather we are having contributed to a dibilating migraine today. Poor girl has been sleeping on/off all day. I’m hoping tomorrow will be better as we head back to the Endocrinologist for another 3 month check on the pituitary tumor. I’m sure Dr. West will be interested in our Vestibular test results and hopefully someday, all these puzzle pieces will come together, xoxo

PS – When Corey was introduced to Linda, she was very nervous. She did not want to participate with the exam. She emphatically told Linda, “I’m NOT a dizzy blonde”! This girl cracks me up…check out the gallery to see her cool goggles.