Hi Everyone,

I’m not sure where to begin tonight. It has been a very difficult 3 days with Corey’s migraines, dizziness, fatigue, fluctuating temperment, fighting this weeks appeals, coordinating Doctor appointments, requesting/following up with Doctors to write letters of medical necessity, managing medical bills, interviewing new nursing agencies and the list goes on…

You’ve heard the saying, ‘Your plate is overflowing”…I’m dining at the buffet table!

Fortunately, when there isn’t room for one more dish, I remind myself to look at the desserts table…That’s STRESSED spelled backwards.

Why do we get overwhelmed? The secret answer is we can only do what we can do. Follow up is critical but while we wait for others to complete their part, take time to enjoy dessert ~ Appreciate the sweeter moments.

Caitlin allowed me to step away for an hour to decompress. As the static noise of the week began to silence I tuned into the laughter that echoed through the hallway reaching the second floor. There is no icing as sweet as listening to your children laugh.

Tomorrow we will continue to cross items off the TO DO list with the most important item highlighted;