Hi Everyone,

Corey began this week with a headache on Sunday and is currently coping with a severe migraine. For the first time in years, tonight she was physically sick from her pain. We kept our appointment with Dr. Long this afternoon primarily to discuss her frequent headaches. Prior to the accident, Corey suffered from severe migraines. She missed a great deal of school her sophomore year as a result. She was on a medication she is currently taking that assists in stabilizing her seizures. Dr. Long is hesitant to add and/or change the current ‘cocktail’ she is taking due to medications conflicting but more importantly, he doesn’t want a negative affect to counter the cognitive strides she’s recently been making. He is suggesting we slightly raise the dosage of the current medication we know she is tolerating.

In addition to medication, Dr. Long is working with Dr. West and Dr. Yalamanchelli in watching Corey’s pituitary tumor. There has been a recent change in its growth. We will be following up with an additional visit to the Neuro-Optometrist but the team would also like Corey to have another MRI with and without contrast. This will be extremely difficult as she couldn’t make it through the last test. Dr. Long would like to add a sedative to help ease her anxiety for this because it is critical we gather more information; our concern will be the residual affects post sedation. Unfortunately, the information the team needs requires the risk.

I’m sharing this with you all not to worry you but to ask for more prayers and emotional support. Corey loves your notes and words of encouragement. She does not remember writing to you each day but when I read her written words and your responses, she gets very excited. It stirs conversation between us, she wants to reply and I believe she develops greater awareness.

We have some fun events planned over the next few months but her tumor and headaches may alter them. Needless to say, I’m “Worrying Wanda” these days. One of my favorite sayings is; Worrying works…everything I was worried about didn’t happen. I’m hoping this humorous quote is accurate!

I have been reflecting on many of the diagnosis we’ve received since this journey began. The main reason we created this page was to keep you all informed of Corey’s clinical progress but also to focus on the positives of the day. That perspective has been the sole force that keeps us moving forward. Our attitude needs to support and express the way we want our life to be. There have been thousands of circumstances that swirl around us like a tornado. We feel their force and wait for them to touch down. We live in a constant state of flux and confusion. If we get sucked into the funnel, it will carry us away. We can not allow our circumstances to change our attitude based on where we are today. How many of you have written telling us that Corey is meant for greater things?

Her memory loss is significant but living within her are dreams that have to transcend all her ups and downs. She has a purpose. I am asking you to join me as we continue to guide and inspire the best that’s inside her yet to be rediscovered. We have many storms ahead of us but she has proven she is much stronger than what she is currently going through! xoxo