Hi Everyone its corey

I spent my day swimming in the pool with my sister and mom and we had a very good time. Paul said he was very proud of what I had to show him. I walked all the way around the pool twice.

Mom read me a story about a girl who was in a terrible car accident in the past when she was 17 so we had that in common. She did not have a TBI but she was paralyzed from the waist down.

She hates therapy. I wonder who that sounds like? When she had to go to therapy she really wanted to go to bed for a week but her family made her go everyday.

Goals kept being set for her. Well she got a boyfriend that she met at rehab and then she set her own goal; to walk down the aisle when they got married.

Now shes 24 and she walked down the aisle using a walker to get married this past weekend.

God only knows what I will do in 7 years. I am already walking with a walker and it has only been basically 3 years so i can only imagine what I will do in 4 more.

In 4 years I hope to have a job at my very own restaurant. At some time I hope to meet whoever I am supposed to spend my life with.

So until then, however long it may take, I will keep working hard, xoxo