Hi Everyone,

Things are slowly getting back to normal. I am feeling much better. The incisions are still sore but healing well. My energy level has not returned as I expected but hopefully will increase this coming week.

The kids were home over the weekend to help with Corey. It’s always fun to have them here. Caitlin and Corey were playing on the Ipad reminiscing about the stories they used to write together. We had a bedtime ritual when the kids were young. I would introduce the beginning of a sentence and they each would add a new sentence in turn. As you can imagine, the stories were very creative.

Caitlin thought it would be fun to create a new story with Corey. She would initiate the sentence and Corey would type the additional sentences needed to carry the story line. Needless to say, the giggles filled the room as they created my “bedtime story”. Happy dreams, xoxo

(Caitlin) Once Upon a Time
(Corey) there was girl with nothing to do, but her brother was full of ideas.
(Caitlin) One of those ideas
(Corey) was leaving home to join the regular atmosphere. That they would
leave the circus and act like everyone else.

(Caitlin) So that night,
(Corey) they decided to go shopping at the mall because they needed to
get clothing that matched everyone else.
(Caitlin) When they were finished
(Corey) they went back to their home and there, their cat was crying meoowwww! because it needed more attention.

(Caitlin) They…
(Corey) packed up their clothes in a suitcase for a week because that’s how long they expected to be gone for. Then their mom noticed what they were doing and asked them where they were going. They said “Oh, do not worry. You know, the circus.” But their mom said “Do not go without me! Do not leave because then you will be leaving without me because I did not know you were leaving!” And they said “do not worry eventually we will be back in one week” And they went bye bye.

(Caitlin) They…
(Corey) decided to go to Rye New York because they have family that live there so obviously they knew their way around. They walked all day and night when finally they arrived.
(Caitlin) The first person they saw
(Corey) that morning was the president of the United States. He was there because he had to guard the state from getting hurt by evil people. By people who were evil against the state.
(Caitlin) When they saw the president
(Corey) they said “Hi! welcome to our state!” and the president replied, “well thank you for my invite I’m happy to be here.”

(Corey) After walking all the way to NY from the circus the two really missed their mom. They also really missed their middle sister who is a famous actress in the circus.
(Caitlin) Known for her beautiful smile
(Corey) but really smelly toes. So they decided to leave NY and go back to their home.

(Caitlin) When remembering their adventure,
(Corey) their favorite part will always be Caitlin and smelling her smelly toes.

The End.