Hi Everyone,

This is Corey
Today I was working out in the water
I walked in the water
I stepped forward backward and side to side
I had to lift both my knees to walk
It was mostly easy but a little bit hard
Sometimes it is hard to think and move at the same time
I am learning how to swim in the water so I can do it by myself
I did back stroke and side stroke
I kept rolling on my side so I guess side stroke was easier
My exercises will help me move on the ground
I also put my legs on the side of the pool and did stomach crunches
So basically I was working out my abs
Soon enough I will find my six pack because right now its hiding
When I got out of the pool I was like jello
My legs were really wobbly
Do not forget everyday just keep swimming, swimming, swimming

This is Marie;
Corey’s favorite Disney princess is ‘Sleeping Beauty’ (the irony of that still makes me smile) This month I think she’s turning into the Little Mermaid!

We hope you enjoy video of today’s swim sessions.

Corey Beattie Water Warm Up

Corey Beattie Aqua Woman (learning the elementary back stroke)

Corey Beattie Water Walking