Hi Everyone,

This is Corey I’m back
I have a funny stories to tell you mostly about my mom
My mom was going out to water her plants but told us she was going out to water her pants
I think she has to come to speech therapy with me
Hopefully they can help because we really can not

Me and my sister always laugh at jokes no one else understands

Today I played Scattergories
I really did well
Out of 12 questions I came up with 4 answers all by myself

I really like my chair
it is really comfortable
it is like I’m walking all by myself because I can scoot around
it is fun

I helped Caitlin cook dinner tonight
we made a recipe from a skinny mom blog
it had chicken rotini pasta spinach cottage cheese and spices
it happened to be only 250 calories
it was the best thing ever!
it was fun to cook with my sister

It was a good day and I can’t wait for the rest of the week, xoxo