hello everyone,
good afternoon/evening its corey but not just any corey, its Corey Marie Beattie, does it get any better than that? i don’t think so!

we’ve got a busy week.
today was an eye doctor visit and i might get eye drops so that i can read better.

tomorrow we go swimming in the pool for my exercises

friday we have kids surprise, which means mom plans a secret surprise and we don’t know anything about it till we get there.
what mom really loves is waiting for us to figure it out and watch our faces when we get where ever we are going but as of now none of us have any idea what it could be.

finally this weekend me and mom are going to go see her sister, Louise. that makes me feel good because we have so much fun, she is crazy like Marie, maybe even a little bit crazier, if you can imagine that, then that is my aunt.

dont you love staying busy? i know that now that i am getting better when we can certainly pick up the old busy schedule that we used to have! i love keeping busy because it makes me feel like i’m living my life not just staying home

well i hope that all of you, whoever is reading this, has a good night xoxo