Hi Everyone,

This isn’t the famous Corey Marie Beattie…it’s just her mom…plain old Marie. How funny was that post last night? Every time we sit down at the computer, I’m excited and half nervous at what Corey will type!

Let me catch you up on behind the scenes.
Corey’s eye exam yesterday had a mixed review. Good news/bad news;
1. The pituitary tumor is growing causing a cut in her field of vision. We will be having another MRI very soon as well as an additional field of vision exam to track the rate of her field changes.

2. Her visual prescription has changed since her last exam 6 months ago. Yesterday’s exam showed Corey severely straining her eyes as she reads and types. She is also straining to over compensate for the decreased field of vision near and far. Good news is, she is reading and typing more. The bad news is, because she is reading and typing more the strain is affecting her vision. This could also be a contributor to her headaches!

*The tumor, it’s side affects and prognosis is different than the visual prescription.

The visual short term fix is very complicated. The doctor wanted to experiment with a prescription eye drop that would relax Corey’s eyes. It takes affect after 20 minutes and can last up to 4 hours. This is not unlike when the doctor dilates your eyes but this drop doesn’t numb her eyes.

During this time period Corey can remove her current glasses and read without evidence of straining her eyes. The down side to this is she can not read for more than 10-15 minutes at a time and if she does any close book/computer work it will be restricted to this 4 hour period as the drops are only allowed to be used 1x/day. Once the drops wear off, she can use a new pair of glasses with a stronger prescription but that too needs to be monitored and not worn more than one hour at a time.

We have another series of tests to complete before the Neuro-Optometrist will determine if the above scenario is the best course of action to ease Corey’s eye strain. Overwhelming yes but it’s also good news; her visual issues are common and a sign the brain is reconnecting and healing. Although there were changes in just one month, some of the changes showed improvement. Corey will continue to make new connections and progress. It’s our job to closely monitor her to manage these changes and adjust accordingly as she improves.

Speaking of improvements…
Caitlin, Corey and I went to Aqua therapy today. Our therapist was not in attendance so it was Caitlin and I instructing (actually we were trying to remember the list of exercises and execute them the way we were taught.

Corey did not have a good night last night and began her swim session tired and with half her usual enthusiasm. We began with her warm-up exercises, progressed to marching in place and took a lap around the pool.

I noticed Corey take a long lingering blink (she looked as if she was walking in her sleep). I stopped her exercise, had her float on her back with her head resting on my right shoulder and asked her to relax, close her eyes, feel the 92 degree water and try to rest. We were the only ones
in the pool. The warmth of the water and the silence of the room helped her relax. Caitlin and I thought she fell asleep. After a few minutes she asked if we could go. I agreed but told her she had to do one last lap. I asked her to remain in her current position and bicycle back towards the stairs promising that would be our last exercise. (I’m tougher then most of her therapists!)

She shocked us! Not only did she alternate legs, she lifted her left knee with such force it broke the water line! Another first! Caitlin and I were thrilled. Focusing just on the left leg we started to coach; “LIFT” (she pulled her knee to her chest) “KICK” (fully extending her leg) Lift, Kick, Lift, Kick…she managed to lift higher and kick straighter with each command; independently!!

She was all smiles as she enjoyed our excitement and praise of her newest accomplishment. She looked at me and asked, “can I do some AB work too”?

I love how this girl rallies! xoxo