hi everyone this is corey

well, today was a little bit on the sad side because insurance did not approve therapy for this week yet, but you know what i say to that ? oh well, there is always another day or two. But i know that without it i will not get better. its like medicine, it gets me better slowly but surely. its also just like any job its always nice to have a day off or play hookie!

it is scary to be a person with tbi. its hard in my words at least. something can happen and i can not remember it at all. that makes it a little bit scary not to know any thing that is going on around me.

when i see someone that i do not recognize i wonder why they are here. i’m scared when i don’t recognize the people i’m supposed to know.

so when that happens i normally do not look at them or talk to them. i am trying something new. when that happens i step back and take a deep breath in and as of now that seems to be working so do not jinx it because we are trying to get rid of Corinne, she does no good in my family.

i get better each and every day even though each and every day is really really hard. but i keep trying every day because i do not think that i get scared enough to give up or give in. after 20 years i still have not learned to do things the easy way, i am not really that type of girl, just ask my mom, out of any one she would know! i think i got that from her, xoxo