Hi Everyone,

Our last update inspired my friend Mary to reflect on It’s a Wonderful Life. She commented on how many people Corey has inspired as a result of knowing her. The closing scene in the movie was a toast to the main character; “To George, the richest man in town”…Mary thought of Corey. This weekends events filled with the love and support from our community truly makes Corey the richest woman in our town!

Another friend I’ve met along this path joined us at the Battle of the Bands. Dave, the father of a TBI survivor, hasn’t seen Corey in awhile and was happy to see her in person. The carepages report the changes and achievements but to see her in person is much better! He commented on Corey’s recovery; “Every one is amazed and inspired by the difference from A-Z but very few ‘SEE’ the B-Y”.

Busy weekends always end with a challenging Monday. Today was a B-Y day. As Corey told me repeatedly from the moment she woke up through the drive to Bryn Mawr, “I am not okay with going there”! “why are we going”? “when are we done”?
My recourse is to repeat and review her incremental successes over the past 3 years.
C – I’m almost 21 and I don’t have any of the normal memories a 21 year old girl should have
M – that’s right, and it’s normal because of your TBI, but it’s also temporary. Instead of focusing on the reasons you don’t want to go, let’s think of all the things you want to do in the future.
(after many verbal prompts, Corey finally began her list)
C – I want to go to college, have a boyfriend, cook, go to Paris, go back to Disney and someday have kids.
M – that’s why we go to Bryn Mawr, the YMCA, the pool and work with Jen and your college tutor. Don’t think about now, think about what you want and the work you do today will make tomorrow happen.
C – How many tomorrows until that happens!?!?
That conversation repeated itself 60 times today (not only with Corey but with Corrine as well!)
When you’re in the B-Y days, it’s not easy to see the Z. But it’s friends like Mary that remind us just how much life has truly changed for all of us.

Last night I mentioned Corey’s cousin Becky in our page. Tonight Becky posted a picture on her Facebook page that reflects Frank Capra’s timeless movie. Her timing was perfect for my fading arguement. It was just the visual I needed to add to the mantra of the day and show Corey how she and Becky have changed over the last 3 years. (Check out the gallery)

Becky never ran before 2011. She wanted to do something to help her cousin. She began training; her goal – to finish the race regardless of her time. She did successfully finish. The second year she was more confident and stronger. She was much less tired crossing the finish line compared to year one. This year she set a goal to run the race in under two hours. She achieved her goal with a time she claimed as her personal best.

Becky’s picture represents the Z days but it also shows two woman that never gave up and never gave in. When I look at Corey I not only see the physical changes captured in the photograph but I am reminded of the accomplishments of the B-Y days that made that photograph possible for both these woman. They worked daily, never accepting limitations or boundaries in order to achieve their personal best…so far! xoxo