Hi Corey,

It was wonderful to see you in the kitchen today working with Jamie, your nurse. You helped her prepare 5 dozen cookies…from scratch!

You began by listing the ingredients, multiplying the measurements to accommodate the recipe; then dividing when you realized you didn’t have enough for the quantity! Your math skills were very impressive.

This afternoon was more difficult for you. Cari, your cooking tutor arrived and you were not a happy girl. In fact, Cari not only met Nellie, she was welcomed by Corrine as well.
I’m proud of you ~ not for expressing your anger with kicking or yelling but communicating the reason why you were upset. Eventually you and Cari began to work together; by the way, you looked like a good team!

You did a very nice job cutting the string beans from Cari’s garden. It was great to watch you lift the bean with your right hand, place it into your left hand, grip the bean with the left hand and as you picked up the kitchen scissors, snipped the end off both sides of the bean. I think I will film you as you concentrate on a task. The step-by-step process of that simple task is amazing to witness. I’m not sure what I enjoyed more; watching you think through the steps or watching both your hands move simultaneously to complete the task. You continue to surprise me.

As I reflect on the day and your struggles, your shirt is all I can think of. (Check out the gallery)

Start Living Your Dreams

I know each day seems endless and I wish I had the answer to your daily question, “when will I be all better”? Even though your goals may seem distant, the road to get there is not. You’re on that road today.

Try not to get frustrated about how long it will take. Get excited about everything we can do right now. The fact is you have started living your dreams; every time you practice walking you’re taking steps towards your independence. Every time you help prepare a meal you’re training for your career.

Living your dream begins long before it’s achieved. Living your dream begins the moment you participate in every exercise and daily task. The joy you receive from looking at a bowl of cleaned beans comes from the effort it took to work with each piece.

You don’t have to wonder when your dreams will begin to be realized; you’re living it NOW. I’m proud of you for not waiting! xoxo