hi everyone its corey

yesterday and today were tough, to say the least. i had to put on my big girl pants and go work out when i really did not want to. i told mom that i am basically an adult but there are always people taking care of me which i do not really want that anymore.

its not easy to be in my shoes. there are alot of days i want to quit and not to get better any more. when i want to quit i remember, with reminders, how sick i used to be after the accident happened and the last thing i want is to go back.

often times, even though its what i want, i think about what would happen to me if i quit. then i meet or hear about people who get no therapy or cannot even get it. i think there are plenty of people out there who are not as lucky as me. then i know that moving forward is my only option.

tomorrow is a big day for us in our advocacy work. we are representing people with no options. i think that they will all get better with therapy so i plan on helping to make that a possibility. if i who was almost dead was able to get better, then i think that everyone should get the opportunity to try and never give up or in on yourself…that is my motto, xoxo