hi everyone its corey,

after reading what all of you had to say i realized just how much i was in this trip for the long haul.

i am coming up on my 3rd year of this hard battle, and every now and again it is good to know that there are other people in it with me and of course my family; but you guys too, and you all count.

today we met with a hospital to talk to them about how we can help patients with TBI who are my age get the care they need to get better and not go into a nursing home. we talk to law makers too hoping they can help us help others.

to be with people your own age helps. getting better is hard and it would be 10 times as hard if you lost all of your friends, they help to keep you sane. thankfully i did not have to go away because my mom was willing to bring me home and try. the recovery is basically endless. there is really no end date and no one knows how long it can take. well imagine knowing how long it will take and living in a nursing home? i think that would be terrible, i can not even imagine. that is why its important that law makers meet me to realize that i have time and a life ahead of me, and so do 100’s of others that can not get therapy.

my getting better is taking a long time and even our fight for others can take a long time, but i always say and live by never give up and never give in, xoxo