Hi Everyone, it’s Marie

Corey’s swimming session provided another first!

We spent the majority of the session exercising her legs and hips. Once she was adequately warmed up, she and Caitlin began walking the perimeter of the therapy pool with the grab bar on Corey’s right side. Caitlin holds her waist belt and Corey holds onto the hand rail. When Corey reached the corner and needed to turn to her left, she instinctually reached for the rail in front of her with her left hand. She transitioned the turn using both hands.

Unbeknownst to Corey, Caitlin (walking behind her) released her grasp of the waist belt. Corey walked the width of the pool holding onto the grab bar on her right side for about 12 feet. Caitlin’s hands were raised to show me “Look Ma’ No hands”!

When Corey reached the opposite corner we told her she walked that distance by herself. She paused, smiled and screamed Tah-Dah! This is the perfect example of what we hold onto as the moment to focus on in the midst of chaos!

Speaking of chaos…tomorrow is the rescheduled MRI beginning at 1:45. The doctor’s will be looking at the changes in the pituitary tumor and the VP shunt. Next week is more blood work and the last of the field vision testing. The following week the Endocrinologist, Neurologist and Neurosurgeon will decide how we should proceed.

We are also having a few new issues with her seizures and seizure medications. Corey appears to be having silent seizures again. Break through seizures are not uncommon and can be caused by some of the other meds she’s on…they thin the affects of the seizure meds. The generic pharmaceutical company that provides one of her most important seizure meds has placed their drug on backorder. The only company providing the drug at this time is the one that caused the cognitive issues she suffered 9 months ago. We will be going back to the seizure specialist to work on an alternative med and/or solution.

I know you all have her in your daily prayers but please target them towards some stability. We are wearing a little thin these days (yes, I’m still the queen of understatements).
I’m SO over the saying “it’s always something”…we need boring for awhile!! xoxo