Hi Everyone,

Corey completed the full MRI this time (thank goodness!) We had a little help with sedation which lingered through the evening. today corey walked into a restaurant without the wheelchair. She ordered rootbeer when the sedation truly showed it’s affect with sugar! She was actually hysterical, as if she’d had laughing gas from the dentist. Caitlin and I are pretty sure we celebrated her 21st birthday early!

The sedation comes with “hangover” affects. She slept fairly well through the night. Typically she is awake every two hours; last night she woke every 3-4 and slept in until 10!

We are still working on the seizure medication issues…keep those positive thoughts flowing. We’re going to lay low today and tomorrow catching up on chores around the house. It will be good to have some down time.

Enjoy your weekend! xoxo