hi everyone its corey once again ,
you know 3 years ago tonight i went out with my best friend shelly and we were in a car accident affecting my brain and thankfully the impact did not have a long term effect on shelly.

i do not even really remember being in the accident but i know it was hard for shelly, because she remembers. the car accident might have changed our bodies but nothing inside because thats what best friends are, they are there for no matter what and through everything.

my memory is trying to come back, so everyday i exercise to especially remind my body what its like to move.

i have learned not to stress about the little things that really don’t put an impact on my life.

dinner and cooking get me happy and its important to focus on what is happy in your life. focusing on what is happy gives you a positive outgoing way of life and the happy things get you through when you are frustrated and angry.

i know that basically everyone only gets today but what you do with today is most important; and i realize that today is almost over for everyone but i really hope that it went well and everyone goes home and is happy or at least remembers this post and try’s to be, xoxo