Hi everyone its corey

i went away for 5 days but in that time i did not really go anywhere. i have been home, not on the internet cause i was really busy exercising; you know, basically getting ready for my birthday party.

so now that i’m back i would like to answer some of your questions.

Mr. Weaver asked “if you’re traveling at the speed of light and turn on your headlights, will it do anything”?

Dear Mr Weaver,
Did you ever hear the angels bowling during a thunderstorm? Well lightening is the angels turning on the headlights to find the gutter balls.

Owen (age 3) asked “when you gonna get out of that wheelchair”?

Dear Owen,
ASAP if i have anything to do with it. i am practicing everyday to walk with a walker so i can ditch this wheelchair.

Pam Pavone asked “What is your favorite book”?

Dear Pam,
i do not really read books for fun i leave that up to caitlin but if i’m going to read anything i prefer recipes

4. Gail Frezza asked, “what is the one thing that makes you laugh the hardest”?

Dear Gail,
you know what i think that, caitlin and johnpaul make me really really laugh but i think that everyone should go to the comedy night on saturday night because she will have you rolling too!

Cathy Finn asked, “when you decided to go to cooking school what made you decide to go”?

Dear Cathy,
number 1 i think food makes everyone happy so i would really like to be a part of that happiness
number 2 i don’t really know why, thats hard, but i think you should have a career doing something you love.

i think that its time to go but if anyone else thinks of any questions i can answer them another day.
Love Corey, xoxo