hi everyone its corey

most people try but take a lot of things for granted. i try and mostly succeed at taking nothing for granted and i don’t take anything personally; i don’t see what good that will do you if you do. so basically i am here just as me.

i have already made it through brain injury and i know that i can defeat the odds.

there are people that think brain injury is the worst thing that could ever happen to you. its not because in the end it really only makes you even stronger

now that i have over come that, i can over come anything that is thrown my way.

if you are having a bad day or you are dealing with something that is hard in your life i encourage you to keep going, never give up and never give in, that is important cause in the end anything can happen to you. its more than just this minute, its basically temporary. you have to look forward to the future knowing that any thing can happen if you try hard enough to get through that minute.

i hope that this can help to make your day better, if its already not going well, xoxo