Hi Everyone,

Thank you for the wonderful feedback on Corey’s latest video. We were in the pool today and shot another! That’s right…a new first. Corey started water therapy 15 weeks ago. You’ve seen a few water videos including a few with assisted walking. Today Corey took her first steps unassisted ~ 5 steps to be exact. I feel like a new mom watching her toddler transition from tittering to taking off.

Corey chose the videos we share with you tonight. Overly excited to watch and re-watch them I suggested, “We should take a video everyday week for the carepage! It could be a video-blog”. Without hesitation, Corey’s response was “I have to do something new everyday this week? That’s asking an awful lot of me mom”!

Hi everyone this is the real corey
It was a really good thing to walk without anything or with anyone helping. it basically feels really good to be able to walk by myself. Today helps me to start on the track to being on my own.

Pretend you’re sitting at the side of the pool watching me. Don’t worry I won’t splash, xoxo

Corey Beattie 5 Steps

Corey Beattie 5 Steps Take 5