Hi Everyone, It’s Marie and Corey

We have been busy rehearsing. What are we up to now you ask? Tomorrow we will be the In-Service guest speakers for the Brain Injury staff of Bryn Mawr Rehab. Some might say that this is providential because 3 years ago today we moved into Bryn Mawr from the ICU. Tomorrow is the anniversary of Corey’s initial evaluation by the staff of the Brain Injury Unit.

During our inpatient stay we were the students; learning all we could about Traumatic Brain Injury. Brian and Nick, along with Natalie, Dr. Long and several staff members were our mentors. They prepared us the best they could within the limited timeframe granted by the hospital and insurance company. Tomorrow we will share what we have learned, how we have adapted and what strategies we’ve developed LIVING with TBI on a daily basis.

If anyone had told us the day would come that we would be presenting to the staff that gave us our foundation, we would not have believed it.

i am the corey that mom is talking about and all i have to say is i am very thankful that a place like Bryn Mawr exists because it has been the stepping stone for my life, at least so far that is.

…Corey has written and will read her speech that will close our presentation 😉
Think of us during your lunch hour as we share Corey’s Story of Recovery, xoxo