Hi everyone, it’s Marie and Corey,

Corey and Caitlin went to Bryn Mawr today. Corey had a busy eval day with Natalie. They had timed walking tests, sit/stand tests and as if that was not enough, she used the Lokomat without the motorized robot legs and then climbed two flights of stairs! Caitlin was exhausted watching her and I bet you are exhausted reading this.

We invite you to look at the newest photograph in Corey’s gallery. She’s cooking her own breakfast! That’s right, a new first. I chopped the onions as she stood bracing herself against the counter to practice balancing. Once the onions were chopped, she used her walker to stand at the stove, sauté the onions, add the eggs (cracked with one hand might I add), topped with a bit of cheese. She even reached over to toast her own flat bread. Won’t be long now before she’s back as our Top Chef and Caitlin and I can go back to doing the dishes. That was the deal…she cooked and we cleaned. That’s teamwork if you ask me.

It was a really busy day and this little chef is just about ready to hang up her apron, so I hope that all of you did something inspiring or at least something that you are proud of today.

Happy dreams, xoxo