Hi Everyone, Happy Thanksgiving!

We are happy to be celebrating with our NY family this year. As Corey mentioned in a previous post, Uncle Tom and Aunt Marjy have a unique family tradition. They exchanged their dinner prayer for “thankfuls”. Each person takes a turn reciting what they are thankful for in the past year.

We not only need to stop and think about all the good things in our life but make a point to be thankful for them. It’s easy to lose sight of the good things when life changes direction. If we’ve learned anything from our experience its to focus on one positive moment in our day. That is how this journal began. If we only focused on the negative, imagine where we’d be today…not in NY!

Being thankful for the positive things in our lives helps us to focus on possibilities for improvement. Some people have asked how we manage to find something positive everyday. Not everyday is positive but there are positive moments in each day. They include the first wiggle of a toe, a smile, the feeling of a ‘stand-up’ hug, laughter, tasting homemade soup, singing, holding hands, getting more then 2 hours sleep, blowing bubbles and hearing “I love you” to name a few. Simple to some, monumental to us.

So on this day of thanksgiving, count your life’s blessings but then we challenge you to begin focusing on the positive moment in each day. We are not only thankful for all the progress Corey has made and continues to make, but appreciate each person that has helped to make those accomplishments possible as well. Those people include all of you too! Without your continued prayers, love, friendship and support it would be very difficult to find any daily thankfuls.

Hi everyone its corey
well thanksgiving makes me a happy girl. its always been my favorite holiday because who doesn’t like to eat all day?

pretty much i am thankful for being alive and as if that is not a big enough deal, i am also thankful for my family and all of my extended family.

my other thankful is that i can cook again which i love

we hope you are going to have fun eating and drinking too. whoever you spend the day with don’t forget to tell them they are part of your thankfuls

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours, xoxo