Hi Everyone,

We’ve been on a run that is wearing on me. Yesterday’s post highlighted a minute and twenty five seconds of hope, joy and rejuvenation. It was a minute and twenty five seconds within a 24 hour day. Sometimes that’s all we get. Today we didn’t receive our gift. Tomorrow is a new day. I will be looking for a new minute to rejoice in. Tonight I sit hoping the words will come to renew my strength.

All my mind keeps replaying is a lesson taught to me by my 7th grade religion teacher, Mrs. Grady. “God is the Trinity”. “He is your father. As a son, He is your Brother. As the Holy Spirit, He is your best friend”.

“Each of you are like the Trinity. Someday you will be a mother/father, you are a daughter/son-sister/brother and you are a best friend”.

“Sometimes when things are troubling you, you turn to one of these people for guidance, love or strength”. “God is within each of them”.

So if you are uncomfortable praying it doesn’t matter if you pray to God your father; Jesus, His Son/your Brother or the Holy Spirit”. “You are still speaking to God”. “Pray to whichever Person you are most comfortable with”.

I don’t know who I’m speaking to tonight. I think I’m just putting the words out to the universe hoping they will give me comfort.

…help me better understand and do what is being asked of me. Forgive me for the times when I question, why. As I go through my day give me energy. As I help my daughter slowly walk across the room, give me strength to help steady her. As I answer her repeated questions just one more time, give me patience. As I research for solutions to whatever the battle of the day is, give me wisdom. As I reminisce, help me enjoy the memory without mourning it. As I continue to get to know my daughter in a new way, seeing both her strength and her frailty, give me joy. As I listen to her struggles and physical pain, heal my heart.

I feel guilty asking to lighten my burden knowing the weight of what my daughter carries, so please give me strength to do what often seems impossible. Give me a quiet moment to rest when I need it, silencing my anxieties when they try to re-enter my mind. Change my attitude from tired, frustrated and angry to loving and compassionate. Most importantly, please remove the weariness that masks Your presence.