Hi Everyone,

Corey wants to title this carepage “Corey Beattie walking on the road to a new life”

Today Corey walked her longest distance to date; over 1,000 feet! As if this is not enough, tonight we filmed another achievement we’d like to share with you. Corey normally practices her sit to stand exercises with a ballet bar. Today she practiced standing from her wheelchair at Bryn Mawr. We came home to show Caitlin and tonight she showed off as she stood from her kitchen chair! As a bonus, Caitlin continued to film her isolated stand and her walk to the bathroom…ENJOY!

Hi everyone that was mom and now it is corey
I am on my way to a new life
A new life because I don’t have to rely on any one to push me if I want to get something, just stand up and get it.
There are some other new things in my life; I am just full of surprises!
Soon I will be getting my high school diploma to go to college and my aspiration is to be a chef.
And do not forget I have to keep improving to walk down the aisle and dance at my brothers wedding which we don’t know when that’ll be yet; it’ll be a surprise to all of us whenever he and Jackie decide to tie the knot.
And I can not wait for thanksgiving to go up and see my family in NY because I always like to impress them with something new. For example, standing and walking all alone ~ no big deal…everyone does that, right?

Don’t worry, we will keep showing you videos of me improving as its happening.
I promise! Xoxo

Corey Beattie Stand Up and GO