Hi everyone its corey

I didn’t know what to write tonight so I asked what I was doing tonight over the last few years.

Mom told me;
4 years ago I was thinking about culinary school
3 years ago I was in the rehab literally a lump of love unable to move anything
2 years ago I was moving my right leg and right arm
1 year ago I passed all my swallow tests and could eat
Today I cut onions with the help of my OT using both hands and stood at the kitchen counter to make homemade Onion Soup

I get frustrated and angry every day but my mom reminds me of what I have done and it helps because without trying everything then I pretty much remain a big old lump.

Nobody likes lumps especially in their mashed potatoes and there are definitely no lumps in my Onion Soup.

I hope that you all liked reading this and even though every day might be hard please be patient if you have any lumps in your life, xoxo

PS – enjoy our new video i mean bon appetite!
Corey Beattie Onion Soup