Hi everyone its corey,

there are some days me and mom have no idea what to write but today i sat here and read your inspiring letters and i realize that no matter what, i can not give up or give in because then i will stop getting better and really that is not part of my personality.

sure sometimes i get frustrated but really, who does not? it means a lot to me to read your letters and it inspires me to keep going

its amazing how you never know where you will end up in your life. i read a letter from a woman i never met. she wrote to tell me that she was in graduate school when i had my accident. she decided to work as a speech therapist with children in a hospital because of me. sometimes people can change what you are meant to be and sometimes people can change the direction of your life. my life had unplanned turns too but i hope to soon be fully recovered and find my own direction. that takes a lot of patience which is not part of my personality either.

i hope that God is inspired to speed things along, xoxo