Hi Everyone it’s Corey and Marie,

Tonight we are going to share some sad news with you that actually reminds us of the infinite possibilities of living life.

Corey and I have met many survivors and families during her recovery. We first met Francis through an introduction from my sister Louise. He was a sophomore at St. Joseph’s University several years ago when he was in a car accident Francis was severely injured. In fact, the doctors kept him in a medically induced coma until his injuries progressed. As he recovered, he needed over 100 surgeries just to his face.

We began talking with Francis when Corey was first admitted to Bryn Mawr. His father, Frank, coached me on some advocacy strategies and Francis wanted to be a positive role model to Corey. He called her “my sister Corey”. He believed all survivors were part of the TBI family and they needed to stick together and encourage each other.

Francis would write us regularly, skype occasionally and always wanted to know what ‘new things are happening this month’. He applauded Corey’s achievements as well as shared his own life accomplishments to show her he was working hard every day too.

This year he was thrilled to share that he became a certified personal trainer and his writing skills earned him a regular column with the NFL insiders training magazine.

We received an email tonight from his Aunt. Francis left the Giants game last night and was in another car accident. He was rushed to the ER, tried his best to fight, but unfortunately Francis passed away. He is now our Angel of Possibilites.

hi everyone its always hard to top your moms speech but i shall try my hardest.

francis worked really hard and he always made me realize that i have achieved a lot. we both knew to be thankful for everyday not only thanksgiving day and i am happy he got to his football game because i am sure he had fun.

so now instead of writing him i have him and my grandmother up in heaven looking down.

uncle tommy and aunt marjy have a tradition at thanksgiving to say thankfuls instead of a prayer. don’t wait for thanksgiving dinner to say your thankfuls be thankful every single day and dont forget to believe that everything is possible. francis taught me we have to keep proving that, xoxo