Hi Everyone,

We are lucky to have an overnight nurse tonight (first night since last Thursday) so this is going to be a quick post ~ I can’t wait to go to sleep!

First of all, thank you to our neighbor and our church angel that came to help me with the snow removal from today and last Sunday’s storm. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate your help!

Snow days can be fun and I wanted to share 2 funny moments with you. Corey and I started to pull out some decorations for Christmas. This will be the first year I will truly decorate since the accident; including a tree!

It’s rare that Corey sleeps, let alone naps during the day but today was an early gift for me, 45 minutes of silence! I sat near her afraid to breathe too loudly in fear I would wake her. It reminded me of when we finally got the babies to sleep after hours of rocking, then trying to sneak out of their room without the floor squeaking.

Corey must have been dreaming (another rare occurrence). She awoke and instantly started a full conversation.
C – Mom, we have to call Mr. Nutt (our neighbor and mechanic) and ask him which car has the greatest turnover.
M – What? Why do you want to know which car has the greatest turnover?
C – Semi conscious, “I don’t know”, she paused, “maybe we shouldn’t call”
After Corey was awake for some time I told her I thought she was talking in her sleep.
She began to laugh and asked what she said. I repeated the phrase.
C – Laughing, palm up, shrugging her shoulders, she asked, “What! Why did I ask that”?
M – “I don’t know, I think you were dreaming”
C – “Well mom, now that I’m in my right mind, I do not want to know that”
C – “Maybe I was in my left mind when I asked you”?
We both laughed out loud.

After dinner Corey touched the scar on her throat. She asked where it came from. I reminded her of her accident and her tracheotomy.
C – “Mom what happened to me”?
M – “You were in a car accident”
C – Touching her head she asked, “Did they hit me in the right spot”?
M – I laughed out loud, “Yes! The exact spot that erased everything”!
C – “So basically it was the wrong spot…”

Laughter truly is the best medicine! I love when we are having a difficult day and Corey cracks a joke or says something from such an innocent perspective. These are the moments we wait for every day; our daily reprieve.

Happy dreams, xoxo