Hi Everyone,

Today’s moments;

Corey stood at the island, measured a cup of hard chocolates, turned to step towards the microwave, entered the time needed to melt the chocolates, then stepped back to the island to fill the xmas mold. Cari, our OT, placed the mold in the freezer to set the candy. Corey removed the pieces from the mold, trimmed the edges with one hand and placed them in the Santa candy dish for dessert. We better call Sue and tell her Corey’s getting ready to take her job back at the candy store.

Later in the afternoon she and Jen, our PT, began their exercise session walking from the kitchen to the living room. Corey now faces Jen as they hold their hands out in front of each other to walk (I spot her from the back). The ladies worked on some ankle and leg stretches and stood in place to practice balancing. Corey beat her best time…One minute and 45 seconds standing independently! I think Jen was the most excited as she counted off each second. She has been with Corey since June of 2011. I love to see our team share in Corey’s accomplishments. We are so fortunate that they feel as vested in her recovery as we do and sincerely share the joy we feel with each new first.

In closing, I’d like to ask for specific prayers during this holiday season. Please pray to restore Corey’s short term memory and lesson her anxiety and fear. Please pray for our continued stamina and patience so we can continue to be creative in helping her learn how to communicate with us, xoxo