Hi Everyone,

The holiday is quickly approaching and we are looking forward to a slower pace over the next few weeks. Not to worry, therapy does not take a vacation; at least not with me in charge! We have a workout regime we follow when we are not going to Bryn Mawr and our school team is on Christmas break. Corey will welcome her normal therapists back with open arms after Mom’s ‘vacation boot camp’ is in full swing.

We are still working on culinary therapy which incorporates Corey practicing her balance by standing independently at the stove as we cook meals together. She loves being in the kitchen. Today she made her own grilled cheese sandwich and “nuked” the chicken soup for lunch. I brought her over to the table before I plated her dish and she was very disappointed she couldn’t do it. In her mind she can move about the kitchen and carry everything to the table on her own. I assure her someday she will.

Tonight we began wrapping gifts. Using her right hand she handled the scissors to cut the paper, ripped the tape and applied it to the gift (I was her left hand). As we were wrapping she asked, “do I get presents”?
M – yes but I can’t wrap them in front of you
C – don’t worry mom, I know how to play the game. I can see them but pretend I didn’t.
C – but really…I won’t remember anyway
She cracks me up sometimes!

Time for Mrs. Claus to get back to the workshop. Enjoy your weekend all, xoxo