Hi everyone,

The year isn’t over just yet….guess how far Corey walked today? ……… Ready?

520 feet from the Neuro Out Patient lobby through the back hall to the main gym (“the long way” as Corey says)
then she Biked on the NuStep for 17 minutes
then she walked back to the Neuro Out Patient center for an additional 220 feet (they took the short cut)

That’s right…Grand total… 740 feet with her forearm cane (with Natalie holding her steady at the hips)
I had the wheel chair ready as she backed up towards the seat but she wasn’t backing up, she started to sit! Needless to say the chair came to her and she was exhausted. Well deserved, she almost doubled her walk from Thursday.

Tomorrow we close the year with Aqua therapy. Tomorrow nights post will certainly be one we will celebrate together!!
Happy dreams, xoxo