Happy New Year everyone,

Here is Corey’s 2013 recap with a little message written by Corey to begin 2014, Cheers!

New glasses
recognized numbers
recognized letters
recognized roads traveled

began reading
began writing and posting on carepage
began texting on the IPhone and IPad
wrote lists for packing, groceries and recipes
surfs the internet, excels in retail therapy
plays board games
blew her birthday candles out!

created “personalities” for emotional development
expresses emotions verbally and with journaling

holding bottles with left hand to remove the cap
holds mixing bowl w/left hand to cook
advances in grooming, brushing hair, teeth, caring for personal hygiene, beginning attempts to dressing independently
can place gloves on both hands independently

January-“I don’t want to be in this wheelchair anymore”
February-walked with assistance 20 feet
March-began using platform walker
April-new wheelchair, walk side by side w/mom & caitlin
May-first attempt at balancing to stand alone lasted 3 seconds
June-started Aqua therapy
July-can lift left knee to ‘march’, walked in the sand at the beach to float in the bay
August-water walking, independently pulled up from a seated position
September-peddled on recumbent bike
October-Turned 21 and walked down the aisle with walker for birthday entrance
November-new car and no wheelchair to walk into restaurants sitting in ‘regular’ booth
December-stood for 2minutes 56 seconds
and walked 740 feet with forearm cane. Cook her first omelette and grilled cheese standing at the kitchen stove

hi everyone its corey
Today is day 1 of a 365 page book. What would i like to write in it this year?

i asked myself what do I want to do or what can I do, that is the real question? what is the answer;
Mom says I can do whatever I set my mind to.

so here it goes!

i would like to concoct a really challenging chicken dish because after all i do want to be a chef

and that just gets me started! i’d also like to walk around the kitchen and make something really yummy for dinner

speaking of walking, i would like to learn to walk all by myself for my brothers wedding but first and most important, i don’t want anyone to help me across the stage at my high school graduation that is number 1.

this year i would like both of my arms to move 100% on their own which will be hard but I’m up for the challenge

for my memory we refer to her as forgetful fran and i would like to forget her and rely solely on corey,s memory no more fran. we can kick her to the curb!

and since we have the whole year, i would like to get out of bed by myself and start sleeping through the night so I don’t need nurses anymore.

maybe we could take a trip to see my extended family, go to a baseball game and my number 1 wish is to go back to disney but that might have to wait for next year.

i hope you fill your pages with fun things this year too, xoxo