Hi Everyone,

Yesterday, before the storm hit, we went to Philadelphia for an appointment with the seizure specialist. Corey had a seizure Thanksgiving Eve and has had smaller subsequent episodes since. This is not uncommon for many TBI survivors but none-the-less worrisome as you can imagine. The specialist has said before and re-iterated, Corey’s seizures can only be managed with her medication not prevented or cured. The medications are 60% affective. As long as she does not have consistent granmal seizures we will continue on with cautious opitimism.

This is Corey,
even though we did not have school or therapy at Bryn Mawr, we took advantage of our snow day and had a manicure at madame d’la bedhead’s salon (aka, mom) and madame does a pretty good manicure with glitter. she does not mess around in her salon!

this weekend we will try making something new that moms sister louise sent us. chicken with brie and carmalized onions and its supposed to be super yummy.

we hope you all are having fun on your snow day and are keeping to your new years resolution; after all is only day 3, xoxo