Hi Everyone,

We had a big moment today. Corey and I were driving on Rt 1for our afternoon session with Natalie. A car merged onto the highway in front of us. Corey pointed and said, “I like that car”. It was a Volkswagen Bug.

M – do you know the name of that car?
Corey thought for a minute, smiled and began to get giddy with excitement.
C – I think so but I might be wrong
M – go ahead
C – is it a Volkswagen bug?
M – Yes, do you know why you like that car?
C – I think I was obsessed with it
M – You definitely were! We bought a Volkswagen Bug convertible the summer of the accident. You were learning to drive a stick and that was going to be your car.
She smiled and was so proud of her self
C – I would want it to be yellow
M – that was the color we bought!
M – do you remember the game you used to play when we’d pass a bug?
She thought for a long while
C – punch buggie spit
M – punch buggie spit?
C – it was something like that. you had to say it fast?
M – yes, the first person to spot it had to punch the other in the arm and say “Punch Buggie no punch backs”. you had to be fast, kind of like the card game spit.
M – you were MUCH faster then I was which is why I was always bruised.

I’m sure this story might seem silly but this was a HUGE connection. Corey didn’t remember her car but she recognize the brand and remembered the color she wanted for her car. This is the closest connection to right before the accident. Her strongest memories are prior to age 14…this put her at 17!

Moments of clarity give us such HOPE! xoxo